@article { Sahebjavaher2010, title = {Permanent magnet desktop magnetic resonance imaging system with microfabricated multiturn gradient coils for microflow imaging in capillary tubes}, journal = {Review of Scientific Instruments }, volume = {81}, year = {2010}, month = {02/2010}, pages = {9}, publisher = {American Institute of Physics}, chapter = {023706}, abstract = {A prototype for a desktop high-resolution MRI velocimetry instrument to characterize flow fields in a capillary tube is demonstrated. This inexpensive compact system is achieved with 0.6 T permanent magnetic configuration (Larmor frequency of 25 MHz) and temperature compensation using off-the-shelf NdFeB permanent magnets. A triaxial gradient module with micro-fabricated copper coils using a lithographic fabrication process has been developed. This gradient module is capable of generating fast switching gradients (< 50 Ás) with sensitivities up to 1.7 T/m using custom made current amplifiers, and was optimized for microflow imaging. The RF probe is integrated with the gradient module and is driven by custom electronics. A 2D cross-sectional static image of the inside of a capillary tube with an inner diameter of 1.67 mm is acquired at an in-plane spatial resolution of better than 40 Ám. Time-of-flight flow measurements were also obtained using this MRI system to measure the velocity profile of water flowing at average velocities of above 40 mm/s. The flow profile for slower flow velocities was obtained using phase-encoded techniques, which provides quantitative velocity information in 2D. }, ISBN = {0034-6748}, URL = {http://link.aip.org/link/RSINAK/v81/i2/p023706/s1}, author = {Ramin S. Sahebjavaher and Konrad Walus and Boris Stoeber} }