@proceedings { Sahebjavaher2009, title = {Microfabricated multi-turn gradient coils for microscale flow imaging }, year = {2009}, month = {21/06/2009}, pages = {1570 - 1573 }, publisher = {IEEE Conferences }, address = {Denver, CO, USA}, abstract = {In this paper, we report the development of a multi-turn gradient coil assembly suitable for microscale static and flow imaging using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. A novel microfabrication technique to manufacture the gradient coils is presented. The triaxial gradient assembly has gradient sensitivities exceeding 0.044 T/(mA) over a spherical region with a diameter of 4 mm. A time-of-flight flow measurement was obtained using these gradients to measure the velocity profile inside a capillary tube with a diameter of 1.67 mm at a spatial resolution of 47 um.}, ISBN = {978-1-4244-4193-8 }, author = {Ramin S. Sahebjavaher and Boris Stoeber and Konrad Walus} }