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Calibrating the measurement of wavelength dependent SHG from biological tissues with a BBO crystal M. Z. Shen;J. H. Zhao; H. Zeng;S. TangJournal of Biomedical Optics2013
Perfectly registered multiphoton and reflectance confocal video rate imaging of in vivo human skin H.Q. Wang; A.M.D. Lee; Z. Frehlick; H. Lui;D.I. McLean; S. Tang; H. ZengJournal of Biophotonics2012
A study on the spectral dependence of collagen tissues M.Z. Shen; H.Q. Wang; A. Lee; J.H. Zhao; H. Zeng; S. TangSPIE Photonics West8226Article No. 82263R (1-6)2012
Characterizing refractive index and thickness of biological tissues using combined multiphoton microscopy and optical coherence tomography Y.F. Zhou; K.K.H. Chan;T. Lai;S. TangBiomedical Optics Express14 pages2012
Multimodal optical imaging with multiphoton microscopy and optical coherence tomography S. Tang; Y.F. Zhou; M.J. JuJournal of Biophotonics5396-4032012
Multimodal optical tissue imaging S. Tang; Y.F. Zhou; T. Lai; M.J. JuThe International Symposium on Photonics and Optoelectronics (SOPO 2012)2012
Imaging-guided two-photon excitation-emission-matrix measurements of human skin tissues Y.Q. Yu; A.M.D. Lee; H.Q. Wang; S. Tang;J.H. Zhao; H. Lui; H. ZengJournal of Biomedical Optics17Article No. 077004 (1-8)2012
In vivo video rate multiphoton microscopy imaging of human skin A.M.D. Lee; H.Q. Wang; Y.Q. Yu; S. Tang; J.H. Zhao; H. Lui; D.I. McLean; H. ZengOptics Letters362865-28672011
Selection of convolution kernel in non-uniform fast Fourier transform for Fourier domain optical coherence tomography K.K.H. Chan;S. TangOptics Express1926891-269042011
Multiscale multimodal imaging with multiphoton microscopy and optical coherence tomography S. Tang; Y.F. Zhou; K. K. H. Chan; T. LaiOptics Letters364800-48022011
Alignment and calibration of high frequency ultrasound (HFUS) and optical coherence tomography (OCT) 1D transducers using a dual wedge-tri step phantom N. Afsham; K. Chan; L. Pan; S. Tang; R.N. RohlingMedical Imaging; SPIE7964Article No. 796428 (1-8)2011
New multimodal multiphoton imaging and spectroscopy apparatus for dermatology Y. Q. Yu; A. Lee; H. Q. Wang; J. H. Zhao; S. Tang; H. Lui; D. I. McLean; H. ZengPhotonics West; SPIE7548Article No.75480N (1-3)2010
High-speed spectral domain optical coherence tomography using non-uniform fast Fourier transform K.K.H. Chan;S. TangBiomedical Optics Express11309-13192010
Developing compact multiphoton systems using femtosecond fiber lasers S. Tang, J. Liu, T.B. Krasieva, Z.P. Chen, and B.J. TrombergJ. of Biomed. Opt14Art. No. 0305082009
Design and implementation of fiber-based multiphoton endoscopy with microelectromechanical systems scanning S. Tang, W.G. Jung, D. McCormick, T.Q. Xie, J.P. Su, Y.C. Ahn, B.J. Tromberg, and Z.P. ChenJ. of Biomed. Opt.14Art. No. 0340052009
Improving the excitation efficiency of multiphoton microscopy using ultrashort pulses S. Tang and B.J. TrombergOptical Society of America (OSA) Optics & Photonics Congress, Novel Techniques in MicroscopyNMC3 (1-3)2009
Investigating new sources of femtosecond fiber lasers in multiphoton microscopy S. Tang, J. Liu, Z.P. Chen, and B.J. TrombergPhotonics West, SPIE2009
An optical approach to the salivary pellicle J.H. Baek, T. Krasieva, S. Tang, Y.C. Ahn, C.S. kim, D. Vu, Z.P. Chen, and P. Wilder-SmithJ. of Biomed. Opt.14Art. No. 0440012009
Structural origin of OCT contrast from single cells S. TangThe Third Annual Optical Coherence Tomography in Canada and the Canadian Graduate Summer School of Biophotonics2009
Development of multiphoton endoscope using 2-axis MEMS scanner S. Tang, D.T. McCormick, T.Q. Xie, J.P. Su, W.G. Jung, Z.P. Chen, and B.J. TrombergPhotonics West, SPIE2008
Miniaturized probe using 2 axis MEMS scanner for endoscopic multiphoton excitation microscopy W.G. Jung; S. Tang; D.T. McCormick; J.P. Su; T.Q. Xie; Y.C. Ahn; B.J. Tromberg; Z.P. ChenPhotonics West; SPIE68512008
Multiphoton endoscope using MEMS scanner S. Tang and Z.P. Chen30th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society2008
Miniaturized probe based on a microelectromechanical system mirror for multiphoton microscopy W.G. Jung, S. Tang, D.T. McCormick, T.Q. Xie, Y.C. Ahn, J.P. Su, I.V. Tomov, T.B. Krasieva, B.J. Tromberg, and Z.P. ChenOpt. Lett.331324-13262008
Simultaneous optical coherence and multiphoton microscopy of skin-equivalent tissue models J. K. Barton; S. Tang; R. Lim; B. J. TrombergEuropean Conferences on Biomedical Optics; SPIE66272007
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