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TitleAuthorJournalVolpp.Yearsort icon
Toward a Flow Following Ionic Conductivity and Temperature Sensor Package Mohammadi, Abdolreza R.; Graham, Tim C. M.; Madden, John D. W.; Bennington, C. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research512738-27462012
Microstructuring of Polypyrrole by Maskless Direct Femtosecond Laser Ablation Lee, Kenneth K. C.; Herman, Peter R.; Shoa, Tina; Madden, John D.W.Advanced materials(Weinheim)241243-12462012
Torsional carbon nanotube artificial muscles Javad Foroughi, Geoffrey M. Spinks; Gordon G. Wallace; Jiyoung Oh; Mikhail E. Kozlov; Shaoli Fang; Tissaphern Mirfakhrai; John D. W. Madden; Min Kyoon Shin; Seon Jeong Kim; Ray H. BaughmanScience334494-4972011
Study the effect of distribution of density of states on the subthreshold characteristics of an organic field-effect transistor (OFET) Takshi, Arash; Madden, John D.W.Journal of Computational Electronics10154-1622011
Rate limits in conducting polymers Tina Shoa; John D.W. Madden; Chi-Wah Eddie Fok; Tissaphern MirfakhraiAdvances in Science and Technology6126-332008
Electromechanical actuation of single-walled carbon nanotubes: an ab initio simulation study Tissaphern Mirfakhrai; Rahul Krishna-Prasad; Nojeh, A. and Madden, J. D. W. Nanotechnology192008
Quartz Crystal Microbalance Study of volume changes and Modulus Shift in Electrochemically Switched Polypyrrole Mehrdad Bahrami-Samani; Christopher D. Cook; John D. Madden; Geoffrey M. Spinks; Philip G. WhittenThin Solid Films5162800-28072008
Carbon Nanotube Yarns as High Load Actuators and Sensors Mirfakhrai, T.; Oh, J.; Kozlov, M.; Fok, E. C. W.; Zhang, M.; Fang, S., Baughman, R. H. and Madden, J. D.Advances in Science and Technology6165-742008
Study the effect of distribution of density of states on the depletion width of organic Schottky contacts A. Takshi, M. Mohammadi, and J. D. MaddenSolid-State Electronics52008