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TitleAuthorJournalVolpp.Yearsort icon
Atomistic simulation of hydrogen adsorption in single-walled carbon nanotubes E. Beheshti; A. Nojeh; P. ServatiPacific Centre for Advanced Materials and Microstructures (PCAMM) Annual Meeting2008
Embedding Nanowires and Nanotubes for Effective Carrier Extraction in Polymer Photovoltaic Devices S. Ebadian; P. ServatiCascadia Nanotech2008
Room temperature single electron charging in single silicon nanochains M.A. Rafiq; Z.A.K. Durrani; H. Mizuta; A. Colli; P. Servati; A.C. Ferrari; W.I. Milne; S. OdaJOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS1030537052008
Non-ohmic contact resistance and field-effect mobility in nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistors A. Ahnood; K. Ghaffarzadeh; A. Nathan; P. Servati; F. Li; M.R. Esmaeili-Rad; A. SazonovAPPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS931635032008
Extraction of non-ohmic contact resistance in nanocrystalline silicon thin film transistors A. Ahnood; P. Servati; F. Li; A. Nathan; A. SazonovMaterial Research Society (MRS) Spring Meeting. Symposium A: Amorphous and Polycrystalline Thin-Film Silicon Science and Technology2008
Effect of Surface Passivation on Electronic Properties of Silicon Nanowires X. Xu; A. Nojeh; P. ServatiCascadia Nanotech2008
Nanowires and nanotubes as materials for novel photovoltaic devices P. Servati; J. Mertens; E. Beheshti-Zavareh; S. Ebadian; X. Xu; F.K. KoMicro Nano Breakthrough Conference (MNBC) 20082008
Quantum Simulation of Hydrogen Adsorption Effects in Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes E. Beheshti Zavareh; A. Nojeh; P. ServatiCascadia Nanotech2008
Formation of composite organic thin film transistors with nanotubes and nanowires G.W. Hsieh; P. Beecher; F.M. Li; P. Servati; A. Colli; A. Fasoli; D. Chu; A. Nathan; B. Ong; J. Robertson; A.C. Ferrari; W.I. MilnePhysica E402406-24132008