EECE 584 - Silicon Nanophotonics Fabrication

In partnership with CMC Microsystems, the University of British Columbia is providing an opportunity for training in the design, fabrication and test of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) targeting IMEC's silicon-on-insulator (SOI) technology. Course and technology details are described below along with information on course costs and registration.

CMOS Emerging Technologies
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For those interested, the CMOSET conference will be held in Whistler with the photonics sessions immediately following the workshop (all day Thursday). Transportation will be available (round-trip bus-fare of $100, or by car-pooling with local attendees/instructors). More information: CMOSET 2011 Program

The CMOSET program on photonics is a full-day event with over 20 invited high-quality international speakers. Several examples of talks are directly relevant to this course: Keren Bergman – Design Methodologies and Challenges of Chip-Scale Silicon Photonic Interconnects for High-Performance Computing; Hyundai Park – Intel: Silicon photonic devices and optical links; Tom Palkert – Xilinx: Silicon photonics for next-generation communications (enabling Terabit Ethernet); Dinesh Patil, Ashok Krishnamoorthy, Oracle: Circuit design challenges in inter-chip optical interconnects; Cun-Zheng Ning, Arizona State – Nanolasers: approaching the ultimate size limit.

Course Description:

  • This is a 6 credit graduate course, spread over a whole year (starting in the summer).
  • This can be integrated with your research, or as a stand-alone learning opportunity.
  • Two weeks of case-study instruction.
  • Design and modelling: done on your own, with access to software tools provided. On-line on-line tutorials & on-line discussions, design feedback (Summer/Fall).
  • Testing & model validation: at UBC, CMC, or your own lab (Spring).

Technology Description:

  • Silicon-on-insulator, 220nm top Si film, 2000nm buried oxide (BOX)
  • 193nm deep UV lithography, enabling features down to ~120 nm
  • Supports design and fabrication of a range of PICs including:
    • photonic crystals
    • waveguides (photonic crystal or ridge)
    • gratings for fiber coupling
    • multiplexers (diffraction or arrayed waveguide)
    • ring resonators
    • filters
  • Target applications include optical communications, sensors, and biomedical devices

Costs & Regitration:

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