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Research equipment available in Dr. Walus' Lab

High Performance Computing Cluster

This HPC cluster is intended for numerical simulation and modeling projects. The cluster consists of 20 Dell PowerEdge 1950 servers with two 2.66GHz quad core Xeon processors, and between 8 and 16GB of RAM each. There are an additional 12 IBM x346 servers with 3.2GHz Pentium4 HT processors, and 4GB of RAM each.

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Accessing ECE files:
this will mount your ECE files on to the cluster (on schroedinger only):
mkdir GROUP
sudo mount -t cifs //fs6/lukasc GROUP -o uid=lukasc -o user=lukasc

Microdrop Inkjet Micropatterning System

Compared to other patterning techniques, inkjet printing provides a very versatile and low cost microfabrication capability that has attracted significant research and industrial interest. Inkjet technology can be used to pattern a variety of liquids including polymers, proteins, and various solvents.

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The inkjet system manual is available HERE.

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TREK 603 High-Voltage Power Amplifier / Piezo Driver

The Trek Model 603 is a DC-stable, Power Amplifier/Piezo Driver designed to provide precise control of output voltages in the ranges of 0 to ±125 V, 0 to -250 V, or 0 to +250 V DC or peak AC. The output current capability is 0 to ±40 mA DC or 0 to ±80 mA peak AC for all voltage ranges. The Model 603 features an all solid-state design for high slew rate, wide bandwidth, and low-noise operation.

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Tektronix AWG2040 Arbitrary Waveform Generator


    1.024 GS/sec Clock Rate Provides up to 500 MHz Waveforms
    1 MB Record Length (4 MB with Opt. 01)
    8-Bit (1/256) Vertical Resolution
    Direct Waveform Transfers from DSO
    Optional 8-Bit Digital Pattern Generator
    Built-in 1.4 MB PC-compatible 3.5 in. Floppy Disk for Storage and Transfer
    FFT Editor (Opt. 09) Allows Editing in the Frequency Domain

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Agilent DSO6034A 300MHz Oscilloscope


    Frequency Range/ Bandwith 300 MHz
    Max. Vertical Sensitivity 5 V/div
    Min. Vertical Sensitivity 2 mV/div
    Number of Channels 4 CH
    Other Features USB, GPIB, LAN output - xGA Color 256 lev. intensity
    Record Length 1 Mpts - optional 2 or 8 Mpts
    Sample Rate 2 GSa/s
    Type (D/A) Digital
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HP 33120A 15Mhz Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The 33120A function generator has a proven legacy, 15 MHz bandwidth, arbitrary waveforms & modulation capability. DDS technology provides precise adjustment and frequency stability.

TekPower 3645A DC Power Supply 0-36V / 0-3A


    LCD display with backlight
    Numerical keypad with direct input and rotary knob adjustment
    Constant voltage & constant current mode
    Low output ripple & noise
    Output on/off
    Multifunction menu
    Maximum output voltage/power limitation
    High program resolution
    Over temperature/over current/over power protection
    10 parameters storage

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Gas mixing system and sensor test chamber
Gas mixing system and sensor test chamber

We have constructed a gas mixing system and sensor test chamber in-house to support our sensor research program. The system is designed to produce accurate and repeatable concentrations of analytes over a large concentration range (low ppm's to high ppthousand's).

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Gas mixing system and sensor test chamber