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QCADesigner is the product of an ongoing research effort by the Walus Group at the University of British Columbia to create a design and simulation tool for Quantum Dot Cellular Automata (QCA). This tool is still under development and is provided free of cost to the research community "as is".

QCA is an emerging concept in computational nanotechnology for the realization of a computer using arrays of nano-scale QCA cells. These QCA cells are capable of performing all complex computational functions required for general-purpose computation (majority function, Inversion, and fan-out). The QCADesigner tool facilitates rapid design, layout and simulation of QCA circuits by providing powerful CAD features available in more complex circuit design tools.

QCADesigner screenshot showing a simple 4-bit processor layout.



We have moved the QCADesigner website to the MiNa Group host. Updates to the tool are upcoming.

Also get involved with the community by joining the qca_design Yahoo group.

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